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Acting Head of Division: A/Professor  Muazzam Jacobs (Acting HoD) 2010

Divisional Profile

The academic Division of Immunology includes a UCT/MRC Unit on ‘Immunology of Infectious Diseases, an Allergy Section and an International Laboratory Association with CNRS, France, with a close association with the NHLS with some members of staff on joint appointment positions.  The research areas of the division include (i) understanding immune mechanisms associated with several infectious diseases such as Tuberculosis, Bilharzia, African Trypanosomiasis, Candidiasis and Cutaneous Leishmaniasis and (ii) efficacy evaluation of drug lead candidates/medicinal plant extracts in culture or in vivo. Further, generation and characterization of novel mouse strains applicable to human diseases has continued and its success resulted in the publication of 15 international peer reviewed manuscripts and a book chapter. We also host two members of the Innate Immunity Unit, who are investigating the characterization of Clecsf8 and the role of dectin-1 in infection  The research environment is reflected in its personnel complement which constitutes both local and international students and staff with several international student exchanges occurring in 2010 and set to continue in 2011. Our commitment to teaching is evident in the number of students who obtained degrees at BSc (Hons), Masters and PhD level as well as the number of current postgraduate students and postdoctoral fellows. 

The combined activities of members within the division continue to foster international and national relationships, with strong associations with several academic institutions in Europe, North and South America, Australia and the Far East and have led to the fostering of continuous new collaborations which resulted in the acquisition of new funding.


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