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Head of Division: Associate Professor Jenny Thomas

Divisional profile

The division of Paediatric Anaesthesia, a division of the Department of Anaesthesia (UCT) and SCAH, is responsible for the provision of anaesthesia for all children and neonates undergoing surgery or investigative procedures at the Red Cross Children’s Hospital and Maitland Children’s Home. This department also provides acute and chronic pain management for children at RCCH, and it also provides input into the Intensive Care Unit.

This department is managed by Associate Professor Jenny Thomas and is assisted o a senior level by Dr Tony Butt and Dr Graeme Wilson. Professor Thomas is also the deputy chairperson of the Clinicians Council and represents anaesthesia on SCAH. There are four specialists who rotate through this department and the adult unit at GSH. Professor Bösenberg, the second chair of anaesthesia at UCT, provides clinical assistance and is the second anaesthetic representative on SCAH. There are five registrars in training based at RCCH at any one time, plus a rotating registrar in ICU. 

The Pain Management Unit is an anaesthetic directed nurse driven service which is directed by Professor Thomas with Dr Rene Albertyn and Sister Ruiters as the other two invaluable members.

The Paediatric Anaesthesia Department has no secretarial support and no permanent office, telephone or fax, but this will change in the new theatre complex.

In addition to teaching and lecturing at both undergraduate and post-graduate levels, members of the department have lecture both nationally and internationally. They also train and teach members of other disciplines which include paramedics, nurses, surgeons, pharmacists, and emergency medicine trainees. Professor Thomas also instructs on APLS courses and provides teaching in palliative care to students.


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