Doctoral Graduations

A SIP-based hybrid architecture for converged services in the Web session mobility scenarios.

Supervised by Mr N. Ventura

B. Bekker (Electrical Engineering)
Decision aiding in off-grid electrification projects: the role of uncertaintyacknowledgement and objectives alignment.

Supervised by Professor C.T. Gaunt

C. Dondo (Civil Engineering)
Bayesian Network for spatio-temporal integrated catchment assessment.

Supervised by Professor U.K. Rivett, Dr L. Chevallier and Dr A. Potgieter

F. Endrejat (Electrical Engineering)
Medium voltage petrochemical drives: soft start and adjustable speed systems.

Supervised by Professor P. Pillay

G. Floweday (Mechanical Engineering)
Two contrasting approaches to auto-ignition modelling for HCCI engines.

Supervised by Professor A. Yates

S.L. George (Mechanical Engineering)
Composition and microstructure evolution in semi-solid cast Al-Zn alloys.

Supervisedby Professor R. Knutsen

C. Goodwin (Chemical Engineering)
The laccase from Micromonospora sp. 044 30-1 as a biocatalyst for synthesis of antioxidant compounds.

Supervisedby Professor S.T.L. Harrison

I.W. Guest (Electrical Engineering)
Digital video moving object segmentation using tensor voting: a non-causal, accurate approach.

Supervisedby Dr F. Nicolls and Professor G. de Jager

M.J. Hughes (Chemical Engineering)
Optimisation of complex distillation column systems using rigorous models.

Supervisedby Professor K.P. Möller

N. Khatleli (Construction Economics and Management)
Utilizing principal agent and principal steward theories to assess the efficacy of public private partnerships in delivering black economic empowerment.

Supervised by A/Professor D. Root

L.A. Magagula (Electrical Engineering)
A network-based coordination design for seamless handover between heterogeneous wireless networks.

Supervisedby Professor H.A. Chan and Dr E. Falowo

G.G. Malumbela (Civil Engineering)
Measurable parameters for performance of corroded and repaired RC beams under load.

Supervisedby Professor M.G. Alexander and A/Professor P. Moyo

L. Martin (Construction Economics and Management)
Transfer mechanisms of knowledge and skills in co-operations between emerging and established contractors.

Supervisedby A/Professor D. Root

T.P. Mokone (Chemical Engineering)
Metal sulphide precipitation: effect of operational parameters on particle characteristics and process efficiency.

Supervisedby Professor A.E. Lewis and Dr R.P. van Hille

N.N. Ngepah (Mechanical Engineering)
Energy, inequality and pro-poor growth in South Africa.

Supervisedby Dr G. Prasad and Professor M. Leibbrandt

J.J. Nieuwoudt (Chemical Engineering)
Kinetic and mass transfer effects in 1-hexene hydrogenation CD.

Supervisedby Professor K.P. Möller

R. Okou (Electrical Engineering)
High speed flywheel and test rig design for rural energy storage.

Supervisedby Professor P. Pillay, Dr M.A. Khan and Dr P. Barendse

V.G. Ozianyi (Electrical Engineering)
Network sharing through service outsourcing in inter-domain IMS frameworks.
Supervisedby Mr N. Ventura

D.G. Randall (Chemical Engineering)
Development of a brine treatment protocol using eutectic freeze crystallization.

Supervised by Professor A.E. Lewis

M. Velempini (Electrical Engineering)
Improving the scalability of MAC protocols in wireless mesh networks.

Supervised by A/Professor M.E. Dlodlo

S.L. Winberg (Electrical Engineering)
An embedded system artefact organisation and adaptation knowledge management system for embedded system product prototyping.

Supervised by Professor M. Inggs and Professor S. Schach


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