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(Including the Schools Development Unit (SDU) and the Centre for Applied Language and Literacy Studies and Services in Africa (CALLSSA))

Head of School:  Associate Professor Rüdiger Laugksch

School Profile

The School of Education is a largely post-graduate interdisciplinary department with research activity across a number of important fields.  These include studies in knowledge development and transfer (curriculum development, learning and acquisition, scientific literacy, mathematics, science and technology education, primary education, history education), policy and evaluation (research into school reform evaluation studies), student learning in higher education, and studies in race, culture, identity and language. A number of members of staff lead and participate in large collaborative research projects.  Significant numbers of staff act as consultants to local and national government, to national commissions as well as to important education NGOs. A number of staff members are involved in materials development for a range of school learning areas. 


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