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Head of Department: Associate Professor Jane Bennett

Departmental Profile

The AGI’s mission is to contribute to the attainment of gender justice in Africa by participating in the transformation of inequitable institutions and social practices. The AGI presents academic and research programmes that engage policy-makers, researchers, and scholars in a dialogue that directs the AGI’s research and intervention strategies. The academic programme focuses on gender studies as a broad area of scholarship and research in and beyond the academy, and has a particular interest in strengthening gender/women’s studies on the African continent. The AGI builds research networks and delivers workshops that link theory-building, research methodologies and the support of scholarship with a serious interest in gender analysis and feminist theories. The AGI’s work in 2010 has included a strong focus on the work of women peace activists in Eastern and Southern Africa, and a new programme on the development of leadership among SADC-based university students around sexual and reproductive health and rights. We completed a programme on case-law in legal feminism, and published Feminist Africa 14: Rethinking Gender and Violence  ( In the ICT space, we maintained and developed our open access site,, which focuses on the provision of resources to GWS and other faculty in African universities.

The AGI has also responded to diverse requests for input to policy, training and development, within South Africa, internationally and on the continent. All AGI teaching and research programmes include highly developed uses of information technology, and have gained international acclaim for innovative applications of ICT as a tool for transformation and knowledge building.


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