Doctoral Graduations

O.I. Amosun (Sociology)
Teachers' preparedness for transformative professional practice in multicultural schools: an analysis of selected post-apartheid teachers' self-reports.

Supervised by A/Professor M. Steyn

A.N. Ashwell (Education)
Identity and belonging: urban nature and adolescent development in the City of Cape Town.

Supervised by Professor C. Soudien

K. Boikhutso (Political Studies)
Ethnic identity in a homogenous nation state.

Supervised by Professor R. Mattes

R. Delle Donne (Religious Studies)
Vanishing primitives, shaking shamans and trance dancers: neo-shamanism and the appropriation of San religion.

Supervised by Professor D. Chidester

P.D. Dexter (Religious Studies)
Towards a political economy of the sacred: a Marxist critique of the sacred dynamics of society.

Supervised by Professor D. Chidester

F.E. England (Religious Studies)
Mark as drama: a prolegomenon to reading the Gospel of Mark as an Aristotelian tragedy.

Supervised by A/Professor C.A. Wanamaker

G.J. Groenewald (Historical Studies)
Kinship, entrepreneurship and social capital: alcohol pachters and the making of a free-burgher society in Cape Town, 1652–1795.

Supervised by Professor N.A. Worden

G.B. Gumbo (Historical Studies)
Economic and social change in the communities of the wetlands of Chobe andNgamiland, with special reference to the period since 1960.

Supervised by A/Professor A. Mager

N. Hartman (Sociology)
The primary health care approach and restructuring of the MBChB curriculum: a case study at the University of Cape Town Faculty of Health Sciences.

Supervised by Dr J. Grossman

P.R. Hendricks (Education)
A principled engagement? Non-collaboration and the Teachers' League of South Africa in the Western Cape, 1990–2003. 

Supervised by Professor C. Soudien and A/Professor R. Siebörger

N.B. Hoel (Religious Studies)
South African Muslim women's experiences: sexuality and religious discourses.

Supervised by Dr S. Shaik

M.L. Jackson (Psychology)
Separation-distress as an affective mechanism of obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Supervised by Professor M. Solms

K. Jechoutek (Religious Studies)
Religious competition, Creole identities and economic development: foundations of competitive diversity in early Victorian Cape Town.

Supervised by Professor D. Chidester

P.V. Langa (Education)
Disciplines and engagement in African universities: a study of the distribution of scientific capital and academic networking in the social sciences.

Supervised by Professor J. Muller

A.M. Louw (English Language and Literature)
Language maintenance and shift among the Rehoboth Basters of Namibia ca. 1868–2008.

Supervised by Professor R. Mesthrie

M.M.Y. Low (College of Music)
The influence of Romanticism on the evolution of the 'transcendental' etudes of Franz Liszt.

Supervised by A/Professor H. Hofmeyr

M.B. Luckay (Education)
Implementation of social constructivist learning environments in Grade 9 Natural Science in the Western Cape province, South Africa.

Supervised by A/Professor R. Laugksch

L. Madzima (Education)
Low socio-economic status and identity formation: a case of selected successful learners in a secondary school in Harare.

Supervised by Professor C. Soudien and A/Professor J. Baxen

M. Mawoyo (Education)
Modalities of teacher education mentorship and their implications for student teachers' understanding of 'best practice'.

Supervised by Professor P. Ensor

J.G. Morris (Drama)
Own-made in the (post-) new South Africa: a study of theatre originating from selected townships in the vicinity of Cape Town.

Supervised by Dr H. Jacklin and A/Professor M. Fleishman

N.S. Msusa (Languages and Literatures)
Le thème de la satire: dans le théâtre Malawien.

Supervised by Professor J.-L. Cornille and Dr A. Wynchank

E. Munsaka (Psychology)
The unbreakable thread in the fabric: Understanding school dropout among adolescents in a rural site of southern Zambia.

Supervised by Professor P.Gobodo-Madikizela

Architectural modernism and apartheid modernity in South Africa: a critical inquiry into the work of architect and urban designer Roelof Uytenbogaardt.

Supervised by A/Professor N. Shepherd

N. Musekiwa (Political Studies)
'State failure' in provision of education and health services in Zimbabwe: adjustments, adaptations and evolving coping strategies of rural communities, 2000–2007.
Supervised by Emeritus Professor R.A. Schrire

C. Mushishi (Religious Studies)
Aspects of Budya traditional religion which promote human rights.

Supervised by Dr S. Masondo

P.S. Navario (Economics)
Implementation of a novel model to enhance routine HIV care and treatment capacity in South Africa: outcomes, costs, and cost-effectiveness.

Supervised by Professor N. Nattrass

J. Olivier (Religious Studies)
In search of common ground for interdisciplinary collaboration and communication: mapping the cultural politics of religion and HIV/AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Supervised by Professor J.R. Cochrane

H.C. Schmidt (Psychology)
Determinants of estimated face composite quality.

Supervised by Professor C. Tredoux

R.Y. Sebonde (English Language and Literature)
A sociolinguistic analysis of variation in a rural African community: Chasu in SameDistrict, Tanzania.

Supervised by Professor R. Mesthrie

V. Soni (Religious Studies)
Music, media and mysticism: the pop-propheticism of Bob Marley and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.

Supervised by Professor D. Chidester

L. Stoltz (College of Music)
A study and a catalogue of French flute music written between 1945 and 2008.

Supervised by Emeritus Professor J.W. May

G. Tawodzera (Environmental and Geographical Science)
Vulnerability and resilience in crisis: urban household food insecurity in Harare, Zimbabwe.

Supervised by Dr B. Frayne, Dr J. Battersby-Lennard and Professor J. Crush

A.J. Treffry-Goatley (Centre for Film and Media Studies)
The representation and mediation of national identity in the production of post-apartheid South African cinema.

Supervised by A/Professor M.P. Botha

I.W. van Rooyen (Languages and Literatures)
A metaphorical characterisation of DJ Opperman's Komas uit 'n Mamboesstok in terms of Relevance Theory and the Contemporary Theory of Metaphor.

Supervised by Professor H.J. Snyman

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