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Head of Department: Associate Professor Sonia Berman

Departmental Profile

Research in the Department is organised into well-equipped laboratories funded by international, governmental and industrial sponsors. More information can be obtained by writing to the department or on the Departmental Web pages.

Advanced Information Management (Co-ordinator: Associate Professor S. Berman). This laboratory deals with multiple facets of the information processing problem, exemplified by the following active research areas: databases; knowledge management systems; peer-to-peer computing; distributed computing and Web-based systems.

Intelligent Systems and Advanced Telecommunication (Co-ordinator: Dr A. Bagula) The aim of this research group is to advance the science and engineering of intelligent systems and their applications. Our main research activities are in the design, modelling, simulation and prototype implementation of intelligent systems with a specific focus on (1) novel speech and vision based human computer interaction and (2) exact and heuristic optimization methods using Evolutionary techniques, Neural networks, Immune systems and Statistical models to solve telecommunication problems.

Collaborative Visual Computing (Co-ordinator: Professor E. Blake). Topics of research include: Collaborative Virtual Environments; Usability and Human-Computer Interaction; Computer Graphics; Image Analysis applied to Medical Images; Virtual Reality and Behavioural Therapy; Scientific Visualization; the Procedural Generation of Digital Content for Games and Visual Effect; Allowing End-Users to Create Interesting Virtual Environments; Interaction with Mobile Computing Devices; Scalable Interfaces; and implications of these for Government Information Technology Policy. Special interests within the CVC lab include Socially Aware Computing, VR Methodology, Virtual Environments and the Geometry Interest Group.

Digital Libraries (Co-ordinator: Dr H. Suleman). Research areas covered within digital libraries include information storage and retrieval; multilingual retrieval; Web-based systems; scalable and flexible repositories; interoperability and protocols; component-based systems; Open Access; and cultural heritage preservation.

High Performance Computing (Co-ordinator: Dr M. Kuttel). This laboratory hosts investigations into all aspects of high performance and high throughput computing, including: parallel architectures and algorithms; scientific computing; high performance visualization; large-scale information retrieval; high-performance digital archives; grid and volunteer computing; software optimization; and multi-core and GPU programming.

ICTfor Development Centre(Director: Assoc Professor G. Marsden). The UCT Centre in ICT for Development seeks to create ICTs that are appropriate for developing nations. To date, most innovation in ICT has been driven by the developed world to meet challenges originating from that context. This centre will design, create and evaluate technologies that address the needs of the developing world and the people who live there.


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