In 2010, 370 postdoctoral fellowships were awarded to 223 registered postdoctoral researchers, to a total value of R38,025,602. Support for postdoctoral research is sourced from the NRF, the MRC, the URC, income from departmental funds, donations and investments. The majority of support for postdoctoral researchers comes from departmental funds, which are sourced from corporations and industry, as well as from trusts and foundations. One such Foundation is the Claude Leon Foundation, which contributed R2,873,132 in support of 19 postdoctoral researchers in 2010. Of this amount, more than R98,000 was allocated towards conference travel.

The postdoctoral experience and quality of life at UCT is assessed via surveys. The first survey was conducted in 2003, with a follow-up survey in 2009. The findings of the two surveys have resulted in review of the administration and improvement of overall serviceprovision to the sector. Such improvements include publication in 2010 of the first comprehensive information booklet entitled The A–Z Guidelines for Postdoctoral Research Fellows. In addition to this, planning for a seminarseries and general professional development is underway for implementation in 2011.

Following a countrywide investigation by PricewaterhouseCoopers, the South African Revenue Services approved a Class Ruling giving tax exemption to Postdoctoral Fellowships that are awarded under specific conditions. 

39 Postdoctoral Research Fellows travelled to various destinations for conferences and research collaboration with other institutions.  Funds to support such travel were sourced from the Claude Leon Foundation, the NRF and the University Research Committee Postdoctoral Fund. 

Figure 5:Growth in postdoctoral research fellows at UCT, 2002–2010

Figure 6: Value of postdoctoral fellowships, 2002–2009

*Note: Some PDRFs are registered at UCT but receive external support which is not administered by this Office.  235 PDRFs are recorded as being registered, but only 223 of these received UCT administered fellowships.

Table 4:Postdoctoral Research Fellowships registered per faculty

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