The Postgraduate Centre and Funding Office (PGC&FO) is a service provision area within the Department of Research and Innovation and is accountable to the University’s Postgraduate Studies Funding Committee, which in turn reports to the Board for Graduate Studies. The PGC&FO provides a broad-based support service to postgraduate students and postdoctoral research fellows (PDRFs), including the administration of financial support.  Included in such support are funding programmes that provide students with opportunities to present their work at local and international conferences and to conduct research at collaborating international institutions. 

In addition to funding, the Office is responsible for ensuring that broader support structures and resource mechanisms that add quality to the lives and experience of these individuals are established for both postgraduate students and postdoctoral research fellows. These are constantly monitored, reviewed and adjusted where necessary.  One such area of support is the UCT Postgraduate Centre and Seminar Room, which is managed by the Postgraduate Funding Office and situated adjacent to the offices.  The Centre is a functional space that provides access to 12 computers as well as workplaces with internet connection.  A restful lounge area provides comfortable seating, and a range of journals, magazines and newspapers are on offer. The Seminar Room provides a facility for seminars, meetings, workshops and training courses.

The Postgraduate Centre also houses the Blue Desk Information Service, which was established in reply to concerns raised by postgraduate students regarding the lack of a one-stop information service.  Complementary to the Blue Desk Information Service, the PGC&FO also introduced the A–ZGuide to the Postgraduate Experience and the A–Z Guide for Postdoctoral Research Fellows at UCT.  These two publications provide a comprehensive guide to enable students and PDRFs new to UCT to navigate the administration and facilities with ease. The Guides will be updated annually and the UCT community has been invited to contribute any useful material for inclusion in future publications.

Linda Vranas
Director: Postgraduate Centre and Funding Office  


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