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Head of department – Associate Professor Mary Nassimbeni

Centre Profile

The work of the Centre consists of assisting in the development of information literacy throughout the University, often liaising with the Library in this effort, and also developing a consultancy service for the use of personal bibliographic software.  Through the Faculty of Humanities, it offers a suite of academic programmes in library and information studies, ranging from the Postgraduate Diploma in Library and Information Studies to the PHD. The primary focus of the Centre for Information Literacy is on research and intervention through the inculcation of information literacy as a key life skill. Within the domain of its professional education programmes its emphasis is on information management: fundamental to both concerns is a recognition that access to information can empower people and guide the process of social transformation. The research activity of the Centre emphasises information needs analysis and information literacy in response to both staff interests and the transformation of society. In addition, consultancy is undertaken, largely concerned with information systems design and design of information literacy programmes.  Work is also being done on library performance measurement and evaluation. An associate, Dr Charles Masango from the UCT Department of Research and Innovation, continues his research into aspects of copyright in the digital age.


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