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(Including the Centre for Actuarial Research (CARe))

Head of School: Dr Shannon Kendal

School Profile

The School of Management Studies provides courses from introductory and advanced honours level in management to students registered for the Business Science degree, and other degrees and postgraduate diplomas. Housed in the School are the Actuarial Science, Business Finance, Marketing, Organisational Psychology and Professional Communication streams. Postgraduate diplomas in management are also offered by the School, in Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Sport and Tourism Management. The School also offers management courses in finance, marketing, professional communication and industrial/organisational psychology to students from faculties outside the Commerce Faculty. Research is supervised at the honours, master’s and doctoral levels in Management.

The Actuarial Science Section (Ms S. Ramjee) produces approximately 20% of all South African actuaries. Approximately 60% of our graduates go on to complete the professional examinations to qualify as actuaries, which is one of the highest qualification rates of any university in South Africa. In addition, a significant number of our graduates go on to complete other professional qualifications such as the CFA. In 2001 UCT became the second university in the world to have postgraduate courses recognised for exemption from the professional United Kingdom examinations.  In 2010, the local actuarial qualification was introduced in South Africa and UCT plays a key role as a provider of education to the profession.

The section also includes the Centre for Actuarial Research (Professor R.E. Dorrington) which was established in 2001. It brings together multi-disciplinary teams to build capacity, improve techniques and produce independent research in Demography.  The Centre actively promotes the collaboration of people with research interests in demography, actuarial science, social security, economics, finance and public sector policy. In addition, the Centre has been home to the programme in demography with both master’s and PhD students. It is the only unit of its kind at an African university.

The Finance Section (Ms S Ramjee) provides undergraduate courses in corporate finance, investments and international finance. Students receive training which allows them to enter either the financial services industry or the field of corporate financial management. Research at the postgraduate level is strongly encouraged. Many graduates of the courses taught by this section go on eventually to fill key management position in business both locally and abroad.

The Organisational Psychology Section (Dr S Goodman) provides undergraduate courses in organisational psychology. At the postgraduate level it offers two unique streams in its organisational psychology Honours programme. The one focuses on change management and the other on the evaluation of training.  The Section provides a Master’s degree in Organisational Psychology, which is accredited by the Health Professions Council of South Africa for the professional training of organisational psychologists.  The Section also currently offers the only Master’s programme in monitoring and evaluation in South Africa. The Section has PhD students working in the areas of talent retention, work-family studies, organisational health and safety and programme evaluation.

The Institute for Monitoring and Evaluation was established within the School of Management Studies at the beginning of 2007. Its main goal is to improve the theory and practice of monitoring and programme evaluation in Africa. The IME presents short courses, does programme evaluation research and offers a consulting service in monitoring and evaluation. Within one year it has become one of the foremost providers of programme evaluation short courses in South Africa.

The Marketing Section (Mr G. Human) provides undergraduate courses in marketing management, which includes advanced courses in consumer behaviour, industrial marketing, services marketing, international marketing, marketing research (including research in marketing), E-marketing and tourism marketing. At a postgraduate level research is encouraged at the honours, master’s and doctoral levels. The UCT Unilever Institute of Strategic Marketing is also aligned with the Marketing Section and its main purpose is to develop marketing theory and information for the uniquely South African market place. This has become a critical source of marketing intelligence for South African marketers and is widely used by corporates, market research houses, advertising agencies and academics.

The Professional Communication Unit (Ms T. Grant) also falls under the auspices of the School of Management Studies. The PCU has the responsibility for teaching career-based communication practices across the faculty at both under- and postgraduate level. The PCU also offers its services to other faculties and institutions.


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