Doctoral Graduations

Essays on the political economy of 20th century colonisation and decolonisation in Africa.

Supervised by Professor J. Fedderke and A/Professor N. Viegi

Interrogating the impact of ICT infrastructure expansion in Francophone West Africa 1993–2005: a critical theory study using archival data and non-parametric research methods.

Supervised by Professor M. Hart and Professor O. Ngwenyama

P. Daya (Graduate School of Business)
An investigation into the relationship between diversity, inclusion and performance: an empirical study in a corporate South African organisation.

Supervised by Professor Kurt April

K. Hodnett (Management Studies)
Analysis of the cross-section of equity returns on the JSE securities exchange based on linear and nonlinear modelling techniques.

Supervised by Professor P. van Rensburg

H.-H. Hsieh (Management Studies).
Applications of global equity style indices in active and passive portfolio management.

Supervised by Professor P. van Rensburg

I. Magoola (Graduate School of Business)
Contextual quality, performance management practice and member outcomes favourability: evidence from a study of South African and Ugandan organisations.

Supervised by Professor F. Horwitz

M. Marcus (Management Studies)
The effect of South African dividend and capital gains taxes on cost of capital, firm value and capital structure.

Supervised by Dr F. Toerien

W.N.B. Mlitwa (Information Systems)
Integration of e-Learning systems into academic programmes in South African universities.

Supervised by A/Professor J.-P. van Belle

T. Mugadza (Economics)
Opportunity costs of trade-related capacity development in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Supervised by Professor D. Ross and A/Professor L. Edwards

E. Mtonga (Economics)
Regime change and exchange rate dynamics:  the rand.

Supervised by Professor M. Ayogu

H. Ngalawa (Economics)
Essays on the monetary economics of low income countries.

Supervised by Professor J. Bagraim

M. Obinyeluaku (Economics)
Fiscal aspects for macroeconomic stability in Africa.

Supervised by Professor J. Bagraim

C. Peter (Graduate School of Business)
Bayesian participatory-based decision analysis: an evolutionary, adaptive formalism for integrated analysis of complex challenges to social-ecological systems sustainability.

Supervised by Professor K. April

O. Pimhidzai (Economics)
Essays on the causes and consequences of market distortions.

Supervised by A/Professor M. Wittenberg

F. Shirazi (Information Systems)
The impact of ICT expansion on promoting democracy and economic freedom in the Middle East (1995–2005).

Supervised by Professor I.T.J. Brown and Professor O. Ngwenyama

A.M. Simpasa (Economics)
Performance of Zambian commercial banks in the post-liberalisation period: evidence on cost efficiency, competition and market power.
Supervised by Professor H. Abraham

W. van Zyl (Accounting)
Accounting for employee stock options.

Supervised by Professor E. Uliana


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