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Head of Division: Professor A R Pontin

Divisional Profile

The Division of Urology renders a urological service to Groote Schuur Hospital, Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital, Somerset Hospital and Victoria Hospital. Dr John Lazarus is head of Paediatric Urology at Red Cross and Dr R D Barnes attends Somerset Hospital for outpatient and operative sessions as well as attending sessions at Red Cross Hospital.

Teaching is provided to sixth year medical students and a medal is awarded to the most outstanding student of the year. Specialist training of both local graduates and graduates from other countries is provided.  Our members make significant contributions at both local and international meetings. The Division has not compromised its productivity due to staff shortages and the financial crisis.

Drs J Coetzee, P Govender and L Kaestner were successful in the FC (Urol) final examinations.

The Division of Urology continues to run joint clinics with the Division of Oncology and also with the gynaecologists for female urinary incontinence.

We now run an Adolescent Spinal Defects Clinic, and continue to run specialised clinics for Haematuria, Stricture disease, Stone Clinic, Reconstructive Urology Clinic and an Erectile Dysfunction Clinic.


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