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Head of Division: Professor Stephen James Beningfield

Divisional Profile

The Division of Radiology works closely with clinical colleagues and their patients throughout the hospital, both in service and academic capacities. This collaboration involves all major medical, surgical, therapy and women’s health areas, including their subspecialties. The recently acquired multi-slice CT is heavily utilised, especially for vascular and thoraco-abdominal problems. Red Cross is making good use of their new MRI and CT scanners.. There is now also some exposure to PET-CT scanning in the private sector. Links to Somerset and GF Jooste Hospitals remain strong, with some teaching activity also at VictoriaHospital. The experience of our post-retirement sessional staff continues to benefit the Division. The impact of the full conversion to digital radiology over the next year is expectantly awaited.

The outcome of the recent implementation of the Occupational Specific Dispensation on the hospital in general has been positive in certain ranks. Interest in supernumerary registrar posts from within and outside the country remains strong.


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