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Head of Division: Mr Jan K Hough

Divisional profile

The Division of Medical Physics is responsible to Diagnostic Radiology, Nuclear Medicine and Radiation Oncology for the safe use of ionization radiation. This involves patient dosimetry and treatment, as well as the optimum use and functioning of radiation producing equipment.  Physics training and teaching of staff and postgraduate students in these divisions is also undertaken.  The Division of Medical Physics is recognised by the HPCSA as a training centre for Medical Physicists. 

The Division is involved in International Atomic Energy (IAEA) training programs and the training of interns sponsored by private practices.

The Division of Medical Physics has established a 4 monthly Medical Physics Workshop for all the Medical Physicists in the Western Cape.  This includes all the physicists in private practice as well as those at GSH, TygerbergHospital and iThemba LABS.  Various papers of common interest are presented at these workshops.

The Division of Medical Physics continues to provide Medical Physics services to Nuclear Medicine at Red Cross Hospital. This service has been expanded by our physicist in Nuclear Medicine to regular quality control checks.

Chris Trauernicht will do Monte Carlo simulations of the dose distributions around I-125 seed ophthalmic applicators as part of his PhD thesis.


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