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Heads of Division:  Associate Professor B.L. Rayner

Divisional Profile

Currently the new division offers a wide range of clinical services including chronic and acute dialysis, renal transplantation, assessment and treatment of a broad range of kidney disease and resistant hypertension, 24 blood pressure monitoring renal biopsies, prevention of chronic kidney, and cardiovascular risk assessment. The unit is supported by a dedicated team of transplant surgeons. Treatment is offered to both private and indigent patients. It also offers out reach programmes to Khayelitsha Community Health Centre and GF Jooste Hospital locally, and to George Hospital, the Northern and Eastern Cape.

There is active training programme for senior registrars in Nephrology and the unit is currently training 5 nephrology fellows. The division supports the Department of Medicine training of medical students, specialist physicians and professions allied to medicine. The division also supports training of renal technologists and the nephrology course for nurses.

The main academic research activities of the division relate to renal bone disease; systemic lupus erythematosis (SLE); genetics of salt sensitive hypertension; diabetic nephropathy; classification, genetics, prevalence and treatment of HIV associated nephropathy; the genetics of ACE inhibitor related angioedema in black and coloured South Africans; treatment of renal artery stenosis due to atherosclerosis; vascular calcification in CKD stage 5 and its effects on central aortic BP; detection of vascular calcification; and the effects of antiviral treatment on BP in patients living with HIV.


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