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Head: A/Professor Wendy Spearman

Divisional Profile

The Division of Hepatology runs the only dedicated liver clinic as well as the only state liver transplant programme in the country. We also run a Porphyria clinic.

The unit is referred patients from all provinces in South Africa as well as from neighbouring countries such as Zimbabwe and Namibia for assessment regarding the aetiology and management of both acute and chronic liver disease and suitability for liver transplantation. These referrals come from both the private and public sector.

We provide a direct call-in service telephonic to primary, secondary and tertiary medical centres regarding management of liver disease. The Liver unit works closely with the Surgical Hepatobiliary unit and collaborates with the Surgical Research laboratory.

The major areas of research include: viral hepatitis, autoimmune liver disease, immune abnormalities in liver disease, HIV and liver disease, porphyria, liver transplantation and development of bioartificial liver support devices.

The unit is actively involved in drawing up national guidelines for the management of Hepatitis B / HIV coinfection Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C.


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